Union Dance - building bridges between the studio and the streets

Union Education 
delivers opportunities for intensive and one-off learning sessions for GCSE 'level students and for dance colleges, regional dance agencies, youth groups (including Union Too) and adult dance groups to study the Union Dance style, ethos and repertoire:

Master Classes provide professional development for performers and experienced students wishing to learn the dance styles, repertoire and philosophy of Union Dance.

Intensive Workshops & Residencies provide opportunities for young people to learn new and relevant skills, which are both challenging and empowering. Accommodating up to 30 students, sessions may include technique, repertoire, choreographic processes, residencies leading to performance, and lecture demonstrations.

Our Dance and Digital Video Residency allows participants to explore dance in a new way; looking at how the camera, filming and editing processes provide new challenges and opportunities for creating and presenting dance.

Lecture Demonstrations explore the Company's philosophy and techniques through practical examples, performance and discussion.

Insets and Continuing Professional Development for teachers of dance from schools, colleges and performing arts establishments

Resource Packs & Videos are available for study and further information on the Company.

Westminster Programme - Based in the London Borough of Westminster, Union Dance works closely with Westminster Arts and Westminster Youth Services to ensure that education work is available where needed within the borough. This programme includes special projects and  our youth group Union Too, Westminster Dance Challenge Winners 2008.