Vibrant and entertaining'
The Independent
'….The Quentin Tarantino of dance'
The Independent

'Mixing martial arts with voguing, hip hop and contemporary dance.. Union brings together cultures as equals. If tis is where we are heading — a union where quality and equality live side by side - then Union Dance are the bringers of good news"
The Guardian

'.. performed with consummate discipline and delight…. Brought the audience to its feet in delirious admiration'
The Morning Star  

'High kicking. sky stepping, star jumping warriors scoring points with artistry not artillery '
Weekly Journal

'The exaggerated graphics with their gravity defying movement are a challenge to any choreographer.'
Independent, Eye on London section  

'It pushed all the right buttons, sent everyone out on a high feeling, this was, ultimately, a winner'
Glasgow Herald

'Contemporary dance companies are struggling to keep their niche in this increasingly conservative ecology. Only those with something urgent to say are likely to survive. Union Dance should be among them because its Director, Corrine Bougaard, is determined to present work that reflects cultural influences outside the white European mainstream.'
Jan Parry, The Observer, 1992  

'The Company is remarkable for its stylistic versatility.'
The Times