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 Union Dance Morocco


Union Dance is fortunate to be able to lead a group of students on an educational program to Morocco for an experience that will change their perceptions and the way they see the world. This is a unique opportunity for students to embark on a sensory journey of personal development.


Union Dance has direct access to Le Jardin des Douars deluxe hotel in Essaouira and a stunning, private Moroccan villa. We are proposing a week of intensive study in peaceful surroundings that are both illuminating and beautiful.


The port of Essaouira is a popular destination south of Marrakesh with UNESCO world heritage status. It has been a favourite cultural destination among Moroccans for decades, with the King of Morocco residing as the spiritual Head of the State. Now Union Dance can offer this facility to a group of chosen students.


Our tailored packages offer a wide range of engaging classes and activities, which can accommodate dance professionals and absolute beginners wishing to discover new techniques and styles, while staying fit, active and energised.

Morning and afternoon sessions are held by the pool, or in a hotel suite or in the grounds of the private villa. Professional Union Dance specialists will facilitate each skill-learning workshop. Emphasis is placed on creativity, education and enjoyment.

After the sessions students can enjoy the natural beauty of Essaouira, with its many restaurants, riads and souks. They can also head for the beach for horse riding, kite and windsurfing activities.


Spa treatments are available at Le Jardin Des Douars followed by dinner on the terrace overlooking stunning tropical gardens. At the end of the week a short candlelit performance will be given by students of Union Dance.


For more information on Union Dance Morocco and how it can change your life and inspire creativity, empathy and appreciation contact corrine.bougaard@uniondance.co.uk