A production devised from new dance works created from 2009-2011. Union Dance will disseminate the work by choreographers with and infuenced by a rich heritage, undertaking a series of mini-residencies throughout the years in the UK and in Europe ie regional FE colleges, theatres and venues. The yearly programmes will consist of a lecture demonstration /performance and workshops or masterclass sessions. In 2012 it will be developed and culminate into a larger scale production.




Award winning high caliibre choreographers and experienced dancers/sports althletes to devise innovative dance that is sport movement related. The themes will incorporate fashion and design as an enhancing force that gives identity strength and competitive advantage.


Empowerment: This series of dance sport vignettes provide people from diverse groups (culturally, socially, physically, etc) with the possibility of also using the devised source material to help define and create their own social and cultural references within the context of their diverse communities. It also encourages people to adopt new techniques of communication for a better interactive community life using a variety of movement styles such as street dance, capoiera and contemporary dance.